Discover the Specialties of Olio Dei Papi’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil

When thinking of Italy, what immediately comes to mind are things like Rome’s Colosseum, Florence’s David, and the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel. Another thing that’s close to the heart of many is the Italian food cooked in or dressed with Holy See’s extra virgin olive oil.

Among all the olive oils extracted from across the globe, the Olio Dei Papi extra virgin olive oil -which is a product accredited by the supplier register of the Holy See

(Vatican City) – holds a special place.

The Mystique Quality About the Name Olio Dei Papi

Olio Dei Papi literally denotes ‘oil of the Popes’ because this oil has been preferred by the Popes themselves for hundreds of years.

The historical, as well as territorial perspective behind the production of this oil, adds a touch of exoticism to it apart from the oil’s premium quality.

The uniqueness of this oil is known from the stories told by generations from the southern Latium region. The storytellers tell tales about how the Popes would prefer to consume only olive oil from the lands of the Vatican.

The Olio Dei Papi is considered an oil of the highest value with such refined quality that it’s comparable to none other anywhere.

The Uniqueness of Oil of the Popes

What makes this oil a class apart is the exclusive and intense taste that can’t be found elsewhere.

This exclusiveness in terms of quality and taste is because the oil is extracted directly from olives by solely using careful mechanical processes.

The olives grown in the Pontine Hills and the province of Frosinone are picked fresh with care and then pressed upon completion of the harvest.

There is a reason why the brand and its oil is still called the oil of the Pope – and it’s that this nourishing oil is made according to a strict production specification. And the specification is what ultimately determines the physical as well as chemical properties of the oil – turning it into a delicacy.

The Special Process of making the Olio Dei Papi

There are two distinguishing things about this oil: it is extra virgin olive oil – meaning the best of its type, and it has historically been extracted in a special way.

There are restrictive requirements for centuries that surround the production of this oil – making it world-famous. This oil is extracted within 24 hours after the olives have been carefully picked up and the oil is immediately bottled after the cold pressing.

This way, it’s made sure the oil is at the maximum of its nourishing content, especially vitamin E. The farmers had long been conscious for centuries about ways in which the best quality of this oil could be obtained.

The Advantage of Traceability

Before or after you’ve ordered your classic olive oil from Olio Dei Papi, you can relax and assured as this oil is fully traceable.

It is easy for the buyers to:

  • Identify online the origin of the oil
  • Know the place of production
  • Know the milling mill and the name of the producer and the olive grove of each package of this oil

These aspects can be known by simply entering the lot number in the head on the website where it is required.





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