What Grater Do Chefs Use?


It may sound easy, but kitchen works are complicated. From preparing all the ingredients, food processing, and cooking techniques, chefs are much too tired to attend to their responsibilities in preparing a single dish. Chefs can do all the preparation manually, but much equipment is available for them because of the innovation. This equipment helps them in making their task easier and faster to do.

When you visit a restaurant and hotel, you will notice the kitchen stuff that can be confusing to know how it helps the chefs in food preparation. This article will discuss one of the most common kitchen equipment, the grater, such as box grater, that every chef and even household is familiar with.


What is a grater?

A grater is an essential tool that is common inside the kitchen. It is necessary for food preparation to help the chefs cut, grind, and slicing ingredients into bits, strips, and pieces. The grater must be free from rust because it is a tool for food processing, which is why manufacturers use stainless steel as its material of choice. After all, it is durable and can save the grater from having rusts. There are also graters with silicon or plastic handles for easy grip.

Different types of grater

Yes, you read it right. Graters have different types and also have specific contributions to food preparation. To know how this make chef’s life easier inside the kitchen, here are the different kinds of graters and their function:

Flat grater

Other people called this “hand grater.” This equipment is the standard type of grater. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is hold the grater with one hand, then move along the food at the surface of the grater. This type of grater usually has a flat surface, but there are also curved types.

Primary use: Usually use for citrus peel, or what is also known as “zesting.”

Heavy-duty grater

This equipment is larger than the flat grater. Compared to a flat grater that you need to grate manually, a heavy-duty grater is the one moving across the food for grating. This type of grater is quite similar to food processors but not usually used in the kitchen.

Primary use: The larger size of fruits, vegetables, and meat.

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Box grater

This equipment is an all-purpose type of grater. Its design is different from the two graters mentioned above because it has four sides, typically like a box. It also has a triangular-shaped design and comes in small and large sizes. All four sides have graters, and the center part receives the grated food that can place the food directly to the container or bowl. It also limits the mess in the station while grating.

Primary use: Grating of cheese, lemon zest, citrus peels, shredding.

Rotary grater

This equipment is a special type of grater because of its turning mechanism. There is a compartment that holds a small part of the food while the grater blade is turning. You can imagine that it looks like a perfectly circular shape, but sometimes this type of grater is not effective and may ruin the food’s appearance.

Primary use: Hard cheese, nuts, and chocolates

Ginger grater

This equipment is also a special type of grater, specially made for small foods that is difficult to grate in larger types of a grater.

Primary use: Ginger and small fruits.


By this time, you must know how grater works and make every chef’s life easier during food preparation. The graters mentioned above are the common types of grates you can see in the kitchen and most households. It is a big help for cooking purposes, and you must know how it functions and how to use it correctly.

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